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Finders, Keepers – Losers, Weepers

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Dreams of Valdovar

Wonders of Valdovar

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Finders, Keepers –
Losers, Weepers

ISBN: 9781871622386

by Neil Johnson
illustrated by Lily Armer
Nov 2008

What would you do if one day you found a real Fairy wand just lying around at the bottom of your garden? Well, that’s exactly the problem that faces Polly. The opportunity to have some fun with the wand seems just too good to miss. The only difficulty is that the wand belongs to Queen Belinda, Queen of the Fairies, and she wants it back!

Polly finds out that life is not all that simple when you’re dealing with a magic wand. It takes a visit to a place she’d never dreamed of seeing to convince her that ‘finders, keepers’ is not always the best policy!

Wonderfully illustrated by Lily Armer, this is the perfect bedtime book.

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