Chaucer's 'The Legend of Cleopatra': Second Edition

Neil Johnson
Published: 2016
ISBN-13: 9781871622928
Format: Hardback RRP: £65.95
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Chaucer's 'The Legend of Cleopatra': First Edition

The Legend of Good Women is the first and shortest of nine poems in Chaucer's The Legend of Good Women. In the first edition, Neil Johnson examines a number of questions about the poem and its origins. In the revised and expanded second edition of this book, a number of questions raised by Chaucer's The Legend of Cleopatra? are examined in more detail. For example: who was Geoffrey Chaucer?; why did he write The Legend of Cleopatra?; why was Cleopatra included amongst his "good women"?; what did the poem look like in its original Middle English?; how does the Middle English translate into Modern English?; what were the sources on which Chaucer based his poem?; and does The Legend of Cleopatra? succeed as a poem? This is an accessible and informative introduction to Chaucer written specifically for those new to the work of man who has been referred to as the father of modern English.

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